Goldmark Precious Metals

Goldmark PM works closely with the most secure and insured vaults, and IRA custodians (for precious metals IRA holders).

What we do

Precious Metals IRA

Goldmark PM works closely with the most secure and insured vaults, and IRA custodians (for precious metals IRA holders). We create relationships with world class vaulting facilities so the individual transacting directs the metals into their personal vault or added into a precious metals IRA account (contact your tax professional for the benefits). There are several vaults across the globe that are recognized and insured, Goldmark PM can recommend to help in the event the preference is to vault metals instead of taking direct delivery. The majority of deliveries are to allocated bullion accounts, which means the metal is present and on the shelf. There are several vaults and strategic partners that offer unallocated accounts in which the metals are leased for monetization and in some cases being traded as per a contract to the benefit of the transacting parties.

Live Bullion Trading

Goldmark PM does offer direct delivery of metals VIA, FED EX, UPS, and in some cases Brinks. This is the most simple and unsophisticated form of ownership. Our preferred method of business is to put precious metals directly into your hand. When you acquire American eagles, Canadian maple leafs, or minted coins, there are usually premium’s associated with the coins above and beyond the slim yield on recognizable hallmarked bars or rounds. Also proof coins, in some years and denominations, fall under numismatic or collectable coins and could have a significant premium over spot. Please contact us with your goals so we can understand what it is you are trying to add into your portfolio, or just simply stacking up bullion for a rainy day.

Refining Scrap Services

Goldmark PM does offer assistance with scrap precious metals for jewelers, mining companies. We assist in logistics globally as well as final destination for monetization, storage or minting.


Goldmark PM does assist and offer contracts for vaulted metals on recognized hallmarks, minted coins. We work globally to facilitate options that many metals owners do not know exist. We can execute deals and have a proven past record of performance. We only work with insured vaulting facilities that maintain an outstanding reputation.
Disclaimer: Goldmark PM LLC does not offer investment advice, buyers should consider precious metals as volatile and can experience daily market changes.